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I had the most difficult time finding a readable version online, but I was finally able to locate these thanks to Transworld themselves when they posted these all in addition to an interview with Bill Strobeck about “cherry”. Kind of silly that the skateshops on O’ahu didn’t have a copy at least to read.

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bencrete asked: hey man I live in ga and was skating and some dudes called me a fag for skating and beat the shit out of me. Any chance you could hook a dude up?


Yo I’m sorry but it’s sounds like you need self-defense classes more

Fucking assholes, why can’t people just respect each other?! This drives me crazy.


Lucas Puig / Helas video mix ~ they are doin’ it right! ~ so tight

Lucas Puig & Stephen Khou - Something Sinister

Toulouse Metropole w/ Helas heads

Tolosa Helas Caps Club #1

Marek Zaprazny for Orion *I know, “they still exist?!” (Helas) + this clip for Hellaclips + this clip for Waters+Army

Max Frion for Helas

Helas London: Steph Morgan w/ Lucien Clarke, Shaun Witherup & Clem Brunel

Dalavas Helas

Manolo’s Tapes Lucas Puig RMX

Lucas Puig Transworld Pro Spotlight part RMX

Arthur Derrien for Helas

Julien Bechet for DC Europe (Helas)

Will Marshall for Helas Canada

Bobby Dekeyzer for Helas Canada

Helas in Shanghai

JP Villa for Helas pt II

Romain Jorda for Helas

Captains Attack: Barcelona


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but really was a montage that was oh so clever and tight

such an amazing video

This video was sick as fuck wtf hahah

Damn, cool shit!